"I have a love for what I do. I know this is what many business owners say about their profession, but I enjoy everything that surrounds landscaping. Not only the physical work, but being outdoors, working with our talented, hard working staff, understanding our client’s visions and turning their dreams into reality. I live for the final result."

endless creativity

Brendan Beirne had a vision to create a landscape company dedicated to creating and maintaining extraordinary environments. Coastal Pacific Landscapes Inc. was built to provide quality landscape services to each unique client. Coastal Pacific Landscapes Inc. encourages creativity and growth within their staff and continuously builds on values that are safe, clean, and always green.
Brendan Beirne 
This landscape designer has been building features for more than 15 years after starting his first landscaping business while studying Horticulture at UCLA. His can-do attitude and ambitious spirit lead him to a successful career in sales and project management, completing several award-winning designs for major mall retailers in Southern California. He also won HGTV’s Landscaper Challenge for his outstanding work in design and construction. Brendan’s love for landscaping keeps him inspired to remain active in all aspects of the landscaping process, especially when a tropical design is involved.